Pensacola Beach House Wedding | Ryan + Shera

Pensacola Beach House Wedding

Where do I begin? Shera and I began emailing a few months before the big day and I learned how her family was traveling from all over the country (and world!) to be a part of her big day. Family was of a big importance to her and we knew we had to capture those moments.

They wanted to have a private Pensacola Beach House wedding where they could tie the knot on the beach and have everyone stay in one spot for a reception. A meal was catered in, a DJ set up underneath the house, and it was the perfect size for her guest list. We had a little scare with the rain, but in the end it held off long enough for us to get some amazing photos and video.

Pensacola Beach House Wedding

Pensacola Beach House Wedding

At the reception, the couple gave an opportunity to the guests to stand up and speak one by one, to give congratulations to the couple or to just share a story. Lots of laughs and tears and emotions ensued and it was one of the most fun things I’ve been a part of.

They ended the evening by dancing the night away and spending even more quality time with their family and friends. We were honored to work with Dragonfly Photography out of Alabama who took the amazing photographs featured here in this post.

As for the video.. Enjoy!

Ryan + Shera | Pensacola Beach House Wedding from Silver Shade Studios on Vimeo.