When we were first introduced to Feya Candles, we were moved beyond words. The mission behind it is to end world hunger – every candle sold pays for a meal for an underprivileged child in a poverty stricken country.

But these aren’t just any candles – Feya Candles are hand poured, all natural soy wax that burn clean, smell fabulous, and have over 50 hours of burn time.

The meals that each candle pays for will be hand delivered to ensure that is exactly what the money goes to. This summer, the kick off trip is to Haiti where the founder of Feya will be partnering with Jacob’s Well to work with and feed children in the shelters. We encourage you to check out this promo we shot for Feya to hear the mission and everything you’ll need to know in under :60 seconds.

Feya Candles | Mission from Silver Shade Studios on Vimeo.





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